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Does Installing a Fence Raise the Value of My Property?

There are many benefits to having a fence installed on your property. From giving you and your family privacy in your own backyard to keeping out unwanted pests and intruders, a fence provides a sense of security and comfort for your home. With the sudden surge in the housing market, many homeowners are looking for ways to increase their home’s overall value. One way people are thinking about doing that is by installing a brand new fance. The question remains though, does installing a fence actually raise the value of your home? And if so, by how much? Our fencing specialists at A&O Texas Solutions looked into this and here is what we found: Understanding What Goes Into a Home’s Value When it comes to real estate, there are a few things that help determine the home’s overall value, these are: Fencing Has the Potential to Raise the Home’s Value […]

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Benefits of a Cedar Fence in North Texas

When it comes to choosing the fencing material for your new fence, there are a plethora of options. One of the most popular choices is cedar. While cedar fencing is mainly known for its brilliant natural color, it also features plenty of other beneficial characteristics that can make your investment go the extra mile. Wondering what makes cedar such a popular choice? Your trusted fencing specialists at A&O Texas solutions are here to further explore the reasons to choose cedar when constructing your fence. 1. Durability Cedar is an exceptionally durable fencing material. It is one of the strongest wood options for fencing and even stands up to other popular materials such as metal and PVC. Additionally, its ability to change its moisture content makes cedar one of the most versatile fencing materials on the market. This ability allows the wood to match the surrounding atmosphere, reducing the risk of […]

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How to Remove Lichen From My Arlington Wooden Fence

As an Arlington, Texas homeowner or property manager, you want the outside of your house to look just as good as the inside. First impressions are important and besides, you have to look at it all the time too. Who doesn’t prefer a neat, well-tended fence line? Unfortunately, lichen doesn’t help you out in that department. If you’ve got a serious lichen problem, it’s time to learn more about how to kick it to the curb so you can reclaim that … well, curb appeal. What Is Lichen? As lichenologist Trevor Goward reportedly said, “Lichens are a case of fungi that have discovered agriculture.” That might be a win for nature’s ingenuity, but it is certainly not a win for you. So, what is it exactly? “Lichens are a case of fungi that have discovered agriculture.” – Lichenologist Trevor Goward While it might sometimes look like a moss or even […]

How to Protect Your Wood Fence From the Elements

Wooden fencing can be a great addition to your property; it adds curb appeal and protects privacy while clearly defining your property lines. Before you have a wood fence installed, though, there are some basic things you should know—specifically in terms of protecting your fence from the elements and keeping it looking great for years to come. Invest in a High-Quality Fence The first important thing to know is that not all wooden fences are created equal. Spending a little more money on a quality wood fence up-front will save you from having to pay for costly repairs or a premature replacement due to poor quality. For example, Western Red Cedar is a great fencing material to consider because it is naturally resistant to wood rot. Other types of wood that are more susceptible to wood rot would likely require more repairs in comparison. Whatever type of fencing material you […]

How to Keep Animals Away From Your Garden

Dealing with animals in your garden can be a real hassle, especially if these animals are digging up, eating, or otherwise damaging your plants. By being able to identify what type of animal is invading your garden, you can come up with a viable game plan to control the problem. From there, you can regain control of your beloved garden while preventing future damage from animal invaders as humanely as possible. Identify What Kind of Animal is Invading Your Garden Sometimes, it’s easy to figure out what kind of animal is wreaking havoc in your garden—especially if you’re able to keep a close eye on the garden itself and catch animals in the act. Unfortunately, identifying garden intruders isn’t always as easy as you might think—especially when you consider that some animals will strike gardens at night. If you’re having trouble figuring out which animal is the culprit, there are some tips […]

How to Keep a Wood Fence Looking New

A well-maintained wood fence can create incredible curb appeal on your property. Meanwhile, depending on the style of wood fencing you’ve chosen, a wood fence can also provide some much-needed privacy while clearly establishing your property lines. When it comes to maintenance, wood fencing doesn’t require too much time or effort. However, there are some steps you’ll need to take to keep your wood fencing looking like new. Not sure where to begin? We’ve got you covered with some basic tips and tricks! Clean Your Fence Regularly One of the best things you can do to keep your fence looking its best is to simply keep it clean. This is especially important because wood is naturally porous. Over time, dirt and debris can actually penetrate the surface of the wood and cause deep staining or even rot. The easiest way to keep your wooden fence clean is to simply give […]

Why Is Algae Growing on My Wood Fence

Your fence offers your home a protective boundary, but what protects your fence? Rain, snow, sun – your fence faces it all without any help. Such conditions take a toll over time, which is why the lifespan of a wooden fence depends on how well it’s been cared for. One of the biggest issues your wooden fence will face is green algae. What Causes Green Algae? Green algae grows on wooden surfaces that receive little sunlight and experience high moisture levels. These moisture levels can be caused by everything from humidity to sprinklers to even rain. How to Prevent Green Algae Make sure that your fence has access to sunlight so moisture doesn’t linger. If you cannot remove the shade or excess vegetation, treating your wooden fence with a clear stain or other waterproofing agent can help reduce the risk of algae.  My Fence Has Algae If your fence is […]

How to Repair a Fence

Elements can be rough on a wooden fence. Snow, wind, rain, and rot can weaken the fence posts and rails, leading to sagging or major cracks. If you’re trying to contain a pet or protect your garden, a broken fence is the last thing you want. Here are some tips for repair should you ever find yourself with a damaged fence.  Repairing the Rails First, saturate the damaged area with a wood preservative to prevent any rot from spreading to the other parts of the fence. Second, install 2”x4” cleats beneath the rail, which run horizontally between posts, providing support for the fence structure. Make sure the rail is straight before hammering in the galvanized nails. Third, caulk the top and sides of the repaired rail in order to prevent moisture exposure and the future problems that come with it.  Next, it is also a good idea to provide extra […]

Best Paint Colors to Use on Your Fence

Your home often reflects your individuality, and one often overlooked way to accomplish this is to paint your wooden fence. Your fence can add to the overall ambience of your home. Here are some reasons to consider a new coat of paint. The Benefits of Painting Your Wooden Fence Protection A coat of paint on your fence can help protect against wind, sun, and rain to prevent the wood from rotting prematurely. Customizability  Paint allows you to complement your home’s style with matching colors and hues.   Low Maintenance Stain needs to be resealed every year and redone every two years. Paint, on the other hand, can last up to five years while requiring only occasional touch-ups. Cost-efficient Painting your fence will cost less than staining, especially when factoring in lower maintenance needs.  The Most Popular Color Options While the white picket fence is a classic, there are many color options […]

How to Paint a Fence

Changing up your look can be a fun way to celebrate an accomplishment, mark a milestone, or even get yourself out of a rut. Similarly, refreshing your home’s exterior can restore it’s appeal while retaining all the comforts of the home you’ve built and grown to love. New landscaping and other cosmetic changes can take a lot of time and money, but painting your fence is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to spruce up your home. The Necessary Tools Before you embark on this endeavor, it’s important to make sure you have the right tools to finish the job. In order to paint a fence, you will need: Paint Sprayer or Large Paint Brush Paint Color Of Your Choice Extension Cord (If Using an Electric Paint Sprayer) Step 1: Clean the Fence If you don’t clean your fence before you paint it, you’ll just be painting over […]

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