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Wood Fence Design Ideas

There’s a reason that a white picket fence is the symbol of a home to aspire to. Wood fencing offers homeowners a valuable sense of privacy, a way to dull noise from the street and neighbors, and a rustic or classic feel that is the perfect finishing touch for any backyard. Nowadays, though, homeowners can choose from a variety of styles to achieve these things, not just the classic white picket fence.  Country Style Wood Fence Country style wood fencing is a type of horizontal fencing. It is aptly named as you might associate it with ranches, but country style wood fencing can be an excellent choice for a home as well. It creates a traditional southern feel and pairs well with flowers and ornamental grass. The more open style can help preserve the spacious feeling of your backyard while also giving you the privacy and security you want from […]

How to Extend the Life of a Wood Fence

A fence marks the boundaries of what you call home. It encloses the space you and your family get to call your own, carving out a little piece of the world and protecting it from onlookers and intruders. It’s important to properly maintain your fence so that it can continue blocking out the worries of the outside world for as long as possible. Read on to find out how.  Yearly Inspections and Repairs Regularly inspecting your fence for signs of damage or rot can help you catch problem areas before they grow into bigger and more costly problems. Similarly, you can replace any broken boards you find over the course of your inspection to shore up any holes in your fence. Over the course of your inspection, you should make sure all the nails and screws are tight. Strain can cause them to come out or become rusted over time. […]

How Can I Stop My Dog From Jumping Over the Fence?

Nothing is worse than spending money on a gorgeous fence to keep your dog in the yard, only to have your canine friend still manage to find ways to sneak through. They might have kept their jumping abilities concealed until you had already built your fence, and now you’re stuck with what has essentially become a costly hurdle for your dog. All is not lost, though. There are ways to avoid this before it becomes a problem, as well as ways to resolve it if it should arise.  Use an L-Footer An L-Footer is a wired fence that is angled at a 90-degree angle at the bottom, forming the L-shape it is named for. Typically, the bottom of the L-footer is buried under the ground, which helps keep the fence stable. If your dog starts  jumping the fence, you can actually use an L-footer in a novel way. For this […]

Fix Property Deficits With Wood Fencing

Your home should be an escape after a long, hard day. However, property defects can turn your home into a place you end up avoiding. Privacy issues, yard or home eyesores, and noise pollution create an unpleasant environment and decrease the overall appeal of your home. One simple solution to these issues is the installation of a wood fence. Wood fencing is an affordable, durable, and adaptable way to not only address the shortcomings of the property but to also enhance its beauty.  Adds Privacy One major benefit of installing a wood fence is that it immediately creates privacy. Whether you are hosting a dinner party on your patio, or you want to open the windows to enjoy the refreshing smells of spring, wood fencing helps create a private backyard environment. This kind of environment gives you the freedom to enjoy quality time with your family without worrying about the intrusion of a curious […]

How to Remove Lichen From My Wooden Fence?

A beautiful wooden fence can help increase the aesthetic appeal and value of your home. It looks nice, helps keep pests out of your yard, and gives your family privacy. Lichen, a hybrid of moss and algae, can turn your gorgeous fence into a piece that looks like it should be sitting around a haunted house, not your home or business. Here are some tips on how to remove the Lichen. Power Wash the Lichen Away Lichen, while it isn’t dangerous to your wooden fence, definitely makes it look old and worn out. A good power washing treatment can help wash the lichen away. To avoid causing damage to your fence, always use the lowest setting and don’t point the spray directly on the fence. This can chip away at the wood or cause it to crack. Instead, point the nozzle at a slight angle. The angle of the spray […]

Wood Stain Vs. Wood Varnish

Reviving the color and unique patterns of the wood grain can be as easy as adding some wood stain or wood varnish. Both of these options can make your fence look as good as new and protect it from water damage. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t know the difference between them, let alone which one to use for their fence. At A&O Texas Solutions, we believe that our clients should be informed about the best care and maintenance options for their wooden fence. Following in this tradition, below you will find information about wood stain and varnish so you can better understand which is best for your fence. Wood Stain Wood stain changes the appearance of the wood so that it seems like it is a different type. Wood stains are made from a base of water or solvent that is mixed with pigment to create the new color. As the […]

What Are the Benefits of Wood Fences?

When it comes to fencing, wood is one of the most identifiable, affordable, and beautiful types. Wood fencing has a lot of benefits, such as style variety, easy installation, customization, plus it’s environmentally friendly. If you are deciding whether or not wood fencing is right for your home or business, check out its benefits. 1. Cost-Efficient Most homeowners and businesses run off of a budget. Wood fencing provides an affordable option without giving up quality. What makes wood fencing so affordable? One of the biggest perks of wood fencing is that it is easy to install. Easy installation reduces the initial cost, and maintenance is inexpensive as well. A well-maintained wooden fence can last you anywhere from 10 to 20 years, allowing for a return in your investment.  2. Styles and Customization Wood fencing also boasts the ability to be designed to the owner’s specifications, such as wood type and […]

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