Wood Fence Design Ideas

There’s a reason that a white picket fence is the symbol of a home to aspire to. Wood fencing offers homeowners a valuable sense of privacy, a way to dull noise from the street and neighbors, and a rustic or classic feel that is the perfect finishing touch for any backyard. Nowadays, though, homeowners can choose from a variety of styles to achieve these things, not just the classic white picket fence. 

Country Style Wood Fence

Country style wood fencing is a type of horizontal fencing. It is aptly named as you might associate it with ranches, but country style wood fencing can be an excellent choice for a home as well. It creates a traditional southern feel and pairs well with flowers and ornamental grass. The more open style can help preserve the spacious feeling of your backyard while also giving you the privacy and security you want from a fence.

Shadowbox Fencing with Hanging Flowerpots

Shadowbox fencing provides a gorgeous visual element for your backyard. Flowerpots can be hung with hooks off of the rails of your fence to add in splashes of color and an extra layer of visual appeal. Don’t let the name limit you, though; flowerpots can hold much more than flowers. You might use them to create an elevated herb garden to make for easy picking and a lovely aromatic experience. Similarly, you can plant smaller vegetables for a practical and visually appealing garden; the elevation might also help prevent your crop from hungry critters. 

Horizontal Fencing with a Criss-Cross Pattern on the Top

Horizontal fencing by itself can be a bit dull; adding in the criss-cross pattern can breathe new life into a tried and true design. The criss-cross pattern can be installed as a cap to the fence, which will also protect the wood underneath. A criss-cross patterned top is an excellent way to create a more private atmosphere without contributing to claustrophobia, preserving the inviting feeling of your backyard. This is especially perfect for an outdoor sitting area or backyards with pools so that you can enjoy your backyard while maintaining the privacy of your own home. 

Classic Black Privacy Fence

A classic black privacy fence creates a more modern or minimalist look. A stone garden, white flowers, and lighter colored plants contrast beautifully with this fence to create a visually striking and pleasing backyard. If a classic black fence seems just a bit too simple for you, you can also add accents with another shade of wood. Adding in a bit of light or even reddish wood can preserve the clean simplicity of a black fence while also adding in an element of visual interest that is sure to make your fence stand out.

Wood Fencing and Design Specialists

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