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Best Paint Colors to Use on Your Fence

Your home often reflects your individuality, and one often overlooked way to accomplish this is to paint your wooden fence. Your fence can add to the overall ambience of your home. Here are some reasons to consider a new coat of paint.

The Benefits of Painting Your Wooden Fence


A coat of paint on your fence can help protect against wind, sun, and rain to prevent the wood from rotting prematurely.


Paint allows you to complement your home’s style with matching colors and hues.  

Low Maintenance

Stain needs to be resealed every year and redone every two years. Paint, on the other hand, can last up to five years while requiring only occasional touch-ups.


Painting your fence will cost less than staining, especially when factoring in lower maintenance needs. 

The Most Popular Color Options

While the white picket fence is a classic, there are many color options available to really personalize your fence. These colors are currently some of the most popular. 


Gray is a neutral fence color which can match any style home. Gray paints are also usually oil-based which will give your fence a more solid look. If you’d prefer a more natural look, gray paint can easily be combined with a gray stain to help bring out more of the wood’s natural characteristics.

Cool Blue

Some people shy away from the more vibrant colors, but cool blue is one of the most popular colors, especially for those looking to make a statement. Cool blue adds a nice pop of color to your yard and home without being too overpowering.


White is by far the most traditional color on the list, and for good reason. It goes with basically any style home, color palette, and yard. It is a particularly fantastic color for fencing that surrounds bright colored flowers or vegetable gardens, as the contrast helps make the colors pop. 


Black is becoming more and more popular with younger generations. This color gives a home an edgier feel and pairs well with lighter colored plants, such as flower bushes. Another advantage of choosing black is that this color typically doesn’t show dirt as quickly as lighter colors.


Yellow is the most eye-catching choice of color. It can create a clean-cut look to a yard lacking plants, and homes that feature yellow give off a happy and cheery vibe. 

Before You Paint

Before you paint your fence, ensure that it is in good condition and trust the team at A&O Texas Solutions for expert fence repair services. Call us today for assistance with all of your fence-related needs!