Horizontal Fencing Installation

A horizontal fence is a perfect solution for a home in the middle of a busy and noisy residential area. Not only do horizontal fences provide added security for your family, but they also help block out unwanted sounds and sights. When it comes to beautiful horizontal yard fence design and installation, no one does it better than the fencing professionals at A&O Texas Solutions. Contact our experts today to get started on building your very own privacy fence and take back the freedom to be at peace in your own backyard.

What Is Horizontal Fencing?

Horizontal wood fencing is made up of panels nailed into place horizontally on the posts while maintaining a small, uniform gap between them. These panels remain parallel to the ground, creating an optical illusion that your yard is bigger than what it actually is.

Components of a Horizontal Fence

Horizontal yard fencing is designed for style and privacy. Like other traditional fence styles, horizontal fencing is made up of rails, panels, and wood posts. Unlike other fencing where the rails are typically visible from one side, rails are often hidden in horizontal fencing as they are incorporated into the design. Here is a bit more about the different components in horizontal fencing:


Wood posts create the foundation for horizontal fencing. Our specialists at A&O Texas Solutions only use the best material for fence posts, which is metal. This ensures that our horizontal fences are protected from sagging or warping due to weather changes or too much moisture.

We highly recommend that our clients invest in fence posts with 13-gauge thickness. As the thickest metal posts, this option ensures that its fences stand the test of time and provide the best value. However, we also offer lesser gauges ranging from 13-16, but remember, the thicker your fence post, the stronger your fence is.

If you are looking for a fence that was built to last, take the next step and invest in our 13-gauge galvanized metal posts. They are built to last so that you can spend more time enjoying your fence rather than worrying about repairs.


Rails for horizontal fencing help add extra durability for the panels in-between the fence posts. Unlike other fencing styles though, rails are hidden on horizontal fencing as they become incorporated into the overall look of the fence.

All of our rails come in 2×4 boards of wood. We offer pressure treated or western red cedar, depending on our client’s preferences and requests. Both options are fantastic as they are durable and keep your fence holding strong.

Beautiful custom horizontal wood fence next to a driveway

Horizontal Fencing Styles

As with all of our fencing, we custom design each fence to match the individual needs of our clients. With horizontal fencing, we can create a different arrangement of patterns for your fence, either messing with the gap size between panels or the panel sizes themselves. No matter what style you are looking for, we can make it happen.

Horizontal Fencing Upgrades

We also offer to cap for our horizontal wood fence posts and tops of the fence. Capping gives the wood extra durability and adds a nicely defined finish.

Besides just capping, you can also add beautiful trim on your fence to give add in a little more curb appeal. Contact our team today to learn more information on our trim options for horizontal fencing.

Finally, you can upgrade your fence by investing in a baseboard. Baseboards help increase the stability of your fence by protecting the panels from excess moisture that often collects on the ground.

Benefits of a Horizontal Wood Fencing

Horizontal fencing comes with many fantastic benefits that will please every home or business owner. Here are a couple of things you can expect from your horizontal fence:

  • Beautiful aesthetic. Horizontal fencing can increase the curb appeal of your home or business. With its unique design, it definitely draws the attention of the eye and gives the illusion that your yard is bigger than it actually is. It also helps show off your unique personality and gives your home a visual boost.
  • Boasts an incredible lifespan. With proper maintenance and care, horizontal fencing is strong enough to last your home or business up to 20 years. With a lifespan like that, you are sure to get a return on your investment.

Horizontal Fencing Repair

From time to time, your fence will need repairs to help reinforce any sections that may have fallen victim to the wear and tear that comes naturally over time. A&O Texas Solutions offers professional horizontal fencing repair to ensure that your fence is looking good and holding strong. Whether that means repairing a rusted fence post, a cracked railing, or replacing a broken panel, our professionals can handle it all. Our repair services include the following:

  • Post repair and replacement
  • Rail repair and replacement
  • Panel repair and replacement

Horizontal fences are a fantastic investment for any home. If you are looking to increase security, secure your family’s privacy, and add to your home’s curb appeal, contact A&O Texas Solutions. Our experts can assist you with the perfect horizontal design and size that will meet and surpass your family’s needs. For more information and an estimate, contact A&O Texas Solutions today.