Wrought iron fences are strong and stylish. Also known as ornamental metal, wrought iron lends itself to classic and modern designs. Metal can be combined with wood, cement or brick. With its combination of beauty and functionality, it’s no wonder that wrought iron is a perennial favorite of homeowners., no one does it better than the professional fencing specialists at A&O Texas Solutions. Contact us today for a consultation about getting a Wrought Iron fence installed for your Texas home.

Wrought Iron Fence Durability

Wrought iron fences can be expected to last a lifetime — or even centuries. Some of the famous wrought iron balconies in the French Quarter of New Orleans date back to the 1700s, and Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris has particularly beautiful ironwork that has stood the test of time.

When you consider the fact that wrought iron will likely never need to be replaced, the initial cost seems much more reasonable.

The Customizability of Iron Wrought Fencing

Since a wrought iron fence can be molded into almost any design, the choices you have for fence styles are nearly unlimited. Standard fences and gates are available in a variety of styles and patterns, and you can easily have your own decorative touches added if you want something that’s not already being produced. It’s undeniably the most beautiful option for fencing a home.

The most common style of wrought iron fence is the picket fence, where rails are evenly spaced about a foot apart and topped with spears or finials (a type of spire). It’s a classic look that demarcates your property line while still allowing outsiders to admire your well-manicured lawn or your home’s curb appeal.

You can also choose a hairpin style fence. These mostly mimic the look of a picket fence design, but each set of two pickets are made from one iron rod. It curves into an arch at the top of the fence to cover the spires, in case you like the look of a spiked fence, but don’t want to run the risk of someone actually getting spiked by it.

Many choose to add decorative elements like scrolls on the top railings. Or they add any number of designs like fleur-de-lis in the main panels. The ornamental design of most wrought iron fences allows homeowners to get really creative and find expressions that suit their homes as well as their own personal styles.

Iron Wrought Fence Repair

To prevent rusting on wrought iron gates, the fence should be regularly checked for oxidation, scratch marks and indentations. Scratches and other similar forms of damage on the surface of a paint job will allow moisture to seep through and come into contact with the wrought iron surface, leading to its oxidation.

Oxidation will lead to wrought iron rusting, which will weaken the metal and can lead to moveable parts like hinges and joints sticking.

Rust Blockers: Sealants Against Moisture and Air

It is important to make a note of all the possible areas where moisture can accumulate and penetrate. Nooks and crevices such as joints, hinges and motifs are susceptible. A spray-on “rust blocker” should be applied on these points.

Oxidation may also occur in isolated areas. After spraying, these places should be left alone for the blocker to adhere to the metal surface. If possible, try to spray the metal indoors, away from outside elements. If you are not able to move the piece of metal indoors, then apply the rust blocker on a warm, sunny day. After the application, the area should be rinsed thoroughly with water. If any rust remains, the process should be repeated.