Privacy Fence Installations

A privacy fence, also known as a side by side fence, is a perfect solution for a home in the middle of a busy and noisy residential area. Not only do privacy fences provide added security for your family, but they also help block out unwanted sounds and sights. When it comes to beautiful side by side fence design and installation, no one does it better than the fencing professionals at A&O Texas Solutions. Contact our experts today to get started on building your very own privacy fence and take back the freedom to be at peace in your own backyard.

Components of a Side by Side Fence

Side by side fences are specifically designed to block out the view and sounds of the outside world to give your family the ability to make your own memories in peace. Whether those memories involve a nice swim in the pool, lounging outside on a deck or patio, or chasing little ones around the yard, you can do it without worrying about someone’s watchful eyes. Side by side fences are composed of three main components:


When it comes to privacy fences, the most important aspect is a strong foundation. A&O Texas Solutions only uses the best fence posts created by metal, which helps our wooden fences resist warping and sagging. When it comes to fence repair, we make sure to look at our posts for signs of rust or cracking and replace those that desperately need it.

We recommend that our fence posts thickness should be 13-gauge. 13-gauges are the thickest metal posts that we offer, but we also offer lesser gauges ranging from 13-16. The thicker your fence posts are the higher the durability on your fence.

If you are looking for ultimate durability, we highly recommend our 13-gauge heavy-duty metal posts. You can spend more time enjoying the privacy provided by your fence and less time worrying about repairs.


To ensure that our fences are sturdy and able to stand up to the elements, A&O Texas Solutions takes special care when installing rails. Depending on height, we can provide extra durability by adding an additional middle railing. We take extra precautions and time during installation to make sure it is done right. Proper installation of the railings to the fence posts is one of the main factors in ensuring longevity in a privacy fence’s lifespan.

All of our rails come in 2×4 boards of wood. They can either be pressure treated or western red cedar, depending on our client’s preference. Both of these options are highly durable, making sure that your fence is built to last.

Side By Side Fencing Upgrades

If you are looking to customize your fence or increase its durability, investing in these three options can make all the difference;

  • Cap. Capping the tops of the fence panels protects it from rain damage and helps to create a more unified look.
  • Baseboard. Baseboards similarly, help seal off the bottom of your fence, protecting it from animals trying to dig underneath and manages the flow of rainwater, ensuring that moisture doesn’t get stuck under your fence.
  • Trim. Trim helps increase the visual appeal of your cap, by giving it a 3D look. With a trim, you will be sure that your fence stands out from the rest, matching the beauty of the rest of your home.

Benefits of a Side by Side Fence

Many wonderful benefits come with investing in a side by side fence, apart from privacy. Some of them are:

  • Weather protection. A side by side fence can help keep your yard and garden safe from strong winds and debris by acting as a barrier. 
  • Style. A well-designed fence from A&O Texas Solutions can add beauty and curb appeal to your home.
  • Protection. A privacy fence can help keep out unwanted intruders and animals from entering your yard. Also, if you have a pool, it can help keep your insurance premiums low by adding extra protection by keeping out small children from accidentally wandering in your yard and falling in.

Privacy Fence Repair

Your fence will need repairs to handle the wear and tear that naturally occurs over time. A&O Texas Solutions provides professional privacy fence repair to keep your fence looking good and holding strong. Whether we are fixing a cracked panel or replacing sections that were damaged from severe weather, you can rest assured that our specialists have the knowledge to properly repair your fence. Our repair services include the following:

  • Post repair and replacement
  • Rail repair and replacement
  • Panel repair and replacement

Privacy fences are a fantastic investment for any home. If you are looking to increase security, secure your family’s privacy, and add to your home’s curb appeal, contact A&O Texas Solutions. Our experts can assist you with the perfect side by side fence design and size that will meet and surpass your family’s needs. For more information and an estimate, contact A&O Texas Solutions today.