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Board-on-Board Installation

Families value their privacy, but some also enjoy the look of the landscape or are looking for a more stylized option than a privacy fence. Board-on-board fences are the answer to balancing all of these desires. A board-on-board fence is a semi-private fence that uses panels that alternate on both sides of the railing. This creates a unique contrasting pattern of panels that results in an opaque wall from a distance and enough room to see on the outside if you are close-up. This will satisfy the curious minds of children and pets while ensuring privacy for the family. When it comes to board-on-board fence installation, no one does it better than the professional fencing specialists at A&O Texas Solutions. Contact us today for a consultation about getting a board-on-board fence installed for your Texas home.

Board-on Board-Fence Durability

Board-on-board fences boast incredible lifespans that surpass that of other types of wood fencing. This is due to the intelligent design of the panel spacing. By alternating the panels, there are small gaps in between both panels that result in a better distribution of weight, more breathing room for the wood, and extra support for each individual panel from its alternate panel. Unlike other fencing types, board-on-board fencing also helps keep your yard cool by allowing continuous airflow. This ability to let air through also aids in protection against straining on the panels and the posts during high winds.

Railing Options

All of our fences are reinforced with 2X4 boards. These boards can either be pressure treated or made from western red cedar. These two options boast both beauty and durability.

Reinforced by Metal Posts

With our metal fence posts, sagging and falling posts are a thing of the past. Our metal fence posts come in width gauges from 13-16. Our specialists recommend the 13-gauge metal fence posts as they provide the most durability and thickness. If you are looking for added protection, we highly recommend the 13-gauge heavy-duty steel, which can withstand inclement weather, sagging, and impact damage.  With our metal fence posts, your board-on-board fence can last you 10 or more years.

The Customizability of Board-on-Board Fencing 

Board-on-board fencing sets itself apart from other types of fencing because of its increased visual interest. Not only does this help boost your home’s curb appeal and value, but it also allows you to show off your unique individual style. A&O Texas Solutions offers a variety of options to make your fence unique. You can choose everything from the type of wood to the color to the stain. Additionally, the top of the individual panels can be customized. Here are the most popular styles of our board-on-board fences. 

  • Straight. Straight panels are the classic look for board-on-board fencing. They look great with any home and provide a clean solid look from a distance. 
  • Dog Ear. Dog ears look like a hexagon on the top and straighten out towards the bottom. 

Shadowbox Fencing

Shadowbox fencing is another design for board-on-board. Shadowbox fences are different as they play on the idea of light and shadows within the panels themselves. Unlike traditional board-on-board fencing, shadowbox fencing creates the illusion of depth within the fence by increasing the gap size between the panels. This allows slivers of light to shine between them and cast shadows on the front panels while painting the back panels in darkness. This is one of the most popular styles for board-on-board fencing. Make sure to ask A&O’s specialist about shadowbox fencing today!

Board on Board Upgrade Options

Increase the security and visual appeal of your fence by investing in upgrades to your panels. Here are the different upgrade options we have available;

  • Cap. Creates uniformity and stability by adding a protective layer over the top of your fences panels.
  • Trim. Adds a unique visual that can be shaped to blend into the style of your home. Contact our team today to learn more about the various options we have available!
  • Baseboard. A baseboard helps protect the bottom of your fence, helping to reduce the risks of animals trying to dig underneath your panels or warping due to moisture on the ground.

Board-on-Board Fence Repair

Your board-on-board fence will need a tune-up from time to time to keep it looking its best. A&O Texas Solutions can help fix damaged posts and railings and can replace sections that are suffering from weather-related issues like rot. Our repair and replacement services include:

  • Post repair/replacement
  • Panel repair/replacement
  • Railing repair/replacement
  • Cap repair/replacement

Board-on-board fencing is a great option for families who are looking for a sturdy fence that gives them the ability to show off their individual flair. Unlike other fencing styles, board-on-board fencing provides privacy and visibility, allows curious minds the freedom to peer out into the world beyond, and discourages fence hopping. When you are ready to get your new board-on-board fence installed, there is no one better to call than the fencing experts at A&O Texas Solutions. For 16 years, A&O Texas Solutions has been providing those in the DFW area with superior fences that not only help improve the look of their home, but also protect their family. Contact our team today to learn more about our board-on-board fences and other fencing options.