Wood Picket Fence Installation

The white picket fence has become a staple in fencing for the United States. This charming fence style works perfectly with any home and creates an open and inviting atmosphere. This type of fencing is usually built to block off the front yard, a pool, or around a garden. When it comes to installing a picket fence for your home, no one does it better than A&O Texas Solutions. Contact us today to receive an estimate on installing your dream picket fence for your Texas home.

Parts of a Picket Fence

The iconic picket fence was created to help keep small animals from entering one’s yard. The different parts were thought out to help increase its durability. Here is a more detailed look at the different parts of a picket fence:

Cap. The cap protects the top of the post from holding water. It is usually in a pyramid shape to allow water to shed off of it easily. Caps are available upon request.

Post. Posts make up the skeleton of your fence. They support the railing and ensure that the fence is thoroughly grounded. Our posts are all made out of hardy metal that can withstand sagging. They are available in 13-gauge (our recommended choice) to 16-gauge.  

Picket. Pickets are the individual panels that make up the body of the fence. They create a barrier to keep out animals and intruders.

Rail. The rail is the backbone of your fence. It holds the pickets in place by running parallel to the ground from post to post. Our rails are made of 2×4 boards of either pressure treated wood or western red cedar, giving it a gorgeous look and ultimate durability.

white picket fence

Picket Fence Height

Unlike privacy fences and shadowbox fences, picket fences are significantly shorter. They are built to create an inviting atmosphere while still ensuring the protection of the yard from animals and intruders. Picket fences stand between 3-4ft tall. If your fence is surrounding a pool though, it should always be 4ft tall to discourage small children from climbing it.

Picket Fence Styles

While the iconic picket fence is one of the most well-known symbols for middle-class America, in reality, picket fences can come in many different shapes, colors, and styles. Here are just some of the different styles you can choose from:

Picket Styles

The picket style of your fence can be a wide variety of different shapes, which means your wooden fence doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s. Here are just a few of the favorites from the staff at A&O Texas Solutions:

  • Dog Ear: An economical option for homeowners that brings a nice uniform look to your fence. 
  • French: adds beauty and functionality to your fence that will be a compliment to the beauty of your backyard. (Available upon client request.)
  • Spear. The most well-known shape, the spear was designed to help shed water from the picket. It is typically made from rot-resistant wood, such as cedar or white oak. 
  • Greek Revival. If you are looking for a classier picket fence, you cannot go wrong with the greek revival. These pickets are made to resemble the columns that can be found all over ancient Greece. (Available upon client request). 
  • Victorian. Victorian style picket fences have a wavy floral shape. These pickets are solely a cosmetic choice and offer no benefit to the overall fence. Still, these fences take the beauty of your home to a new level. (Available only upon client request.)

Shape Variations

Different design variations can be made when it comes to the shape of your fence. Not only does this give your picket fence a nice flow and feel of movement, but it provides another way for you to express your own taste while not giving up on functionality. 

Here are a few examples:

  • Arched. An arched style is created by making each picket slightly taller than the last one, starting at the fence post. This creates a nice rounded look. The posts would then be the focal point of your fence. 
  • Staggered. A staggered picket fence takes the classic picket fence and spruces it up. It creates small gaps within the individual boards by using alternating miters (pickets cut in half). 

Scalloped. Scalloped picket fences create movement or rhythm within the look of your fence. The pickets decrease in length towards the middle to create a gentle and gorgeous curve.

Wood Picket Fence Repair

Over time, your wood picket fence will run into issues that naturally develop with age. Sagging, holes, and cracks, or damage caused by the shifting ground can leave its ability to protect your family obsolete. A&O Texas Solutions is committed to helping you maintain a fence that is both beautiful and effective by offering wood picket fence repair. Our repair services are as follows:

  • Post repair/replacement
  • Railing repair/replacement
  • Panel repair/replacement

Picket fences are a staple for American homes. They are budget-friendly and add a charming appeal to any home. If you are looking to get a beautiful new picket fence installed in your yard, contact the fencing specialist at A&O Texas Solutions. Our experts can help you pick the perfect design to match not only your home but your landscape as well. Call us today for more information and an estimate.