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Patio Covers

Adding patio covers is a fast and relatively low-cost way to win your outdoor space back from Mother Nature. The shade lets you enjoy Albuquerque’s sunshine even at the height of the hottest and rainiest months. Additionally, installing a patio cover can add value to your home and can even increase its overall curb appeal.

But the benefits of installing patio covers don’t end there. Other than helping you reclaim your outdoor lifestyle, Dreamstyle Remodeling shares the other less-talked-about advantages of patio shading solutions:

They Keep the Inside Cool

The biggest yet the least appreciated reward in installing patio covers is solar heat gain mitigation. They act as your home’s primary layer of defense against the sun’s infrared rays, which, when absorbed, raise your indoor temperature. Since they are the first structure that sunlight hits, it essentially draws away heat and UV light from your home. Apart from protecting your furniture from sunlight damage, your new patio cover essentially acts as a secondary heat shield.


They Combat Solar Damage

Apart from infrared light, patio shades also reflect harmful ultraviolet rays. UV radiation can break down the chemical bonds of everyday objects, causing them to fade in color. In Albuquerque, where the UV index is higher than the national average, solar damage can easily suck the life out of your valuables.

This extra defense is important for leather furniture. Leather has the same properties as skin and the damage intense sunlight does to it is irreversible. There are different types of patio covers to choose from, and our Elitewood Lattice® patio covers are among the best. Made with high-quality aluminum that gives it higher heat and UV resistance than wood, they are immune to warping and shrinking and have a longer overall service life as well.

But you can reduce fading dramatically with tough patio covers. They’re made to safeguard your home’s vulnerable areas against such detriments for the years to come.


Make Your Patios More Accessible

The biggest benefit to installing a patio cover in your home is that you’re making your patio more accessible throughout the year. Inclement weather stops you from taking full advantage of your extended living space. By installing a cover, you make your patio a year-round place that you and your family can enjoy and take advantage of, regardless of the weather.


They Spruce Up the Façade

Located prominently outside your home, a stunning shade solution can boost your curb appeal. Customizable to the last detail, our patio covers lend more interest to your exterior home design. Whatever your aesthetic requirements, we can make form reconcile with function.

Finally, installing a patio cover allows you to bridge the gap between your interior and exterior places, which increases your home’s curb appeal. This benefit is why it’s important to pick the right visual design for your new patio cover. Its design should complement your facade.


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