How to Keep a Wood Fence Looking New

privacy fence with gate to backyard

A well-maintained wood fence can create incredible curb appeal on your property. Meanwhile, depending on the style of wood fencing you’ve chosen, a wood fence can also provide some much-needed privacy while clearly establishing your property lines. When it comes to maintenance, wood fencing doesn’t require too much time or effort. However, there are some […]

Why Is Algae Growing on My Wood Fence

residential backyard with privacy fence

Your fence offers your home a protective boundary, but what protects your fence? Rain, snow, sun – your fence faces it all without any help. Such conditions take a toll over time, which is why the lifespan of a wooden fence depends on how well it’s been cared for. One of the biggest issues your […]

Why Is My Automatic Gate Not Closing?

custom wooden double gate into a backyard

Gatekeeping is the worst when your actual gate is keeping you from leaving or entering your own home. If you find that not even a magical “open sesame” can open your gate when you need it to, it might be time to troubleshoot using these seven steps to address common potential problems. 1. Clear Any […]

How to Repair a Fence

wooden privacy fence

Elements can be rough on a wooden fence. Snow, wind, rain, and rot can weaken the fence posts and rails, leading to sagging or major cracks. If you’re trying to contain a pet or protect your garden, a broken fence is the last thing you want. Here are some tips for repair should you ever […]

Best Paint Colors to Use on Your Fence

white picket fence in front of a beautiful flowerbed

Your home often reflects your individuality, and one often overlooked way to accomplish this is to paint your wooden fence. Your fence can add to the overall ambience of your home. Here are some reasons to consider a new coat of paint. The Benefits of Painting Your Wooden Fence Protection A coat of paint on […]

How to Paint a Fence

white picket fence

Changing up your look can be a fun way to celebrate an accomplishment, mark a milestone, or even get yourself out of a rut. Similarly, refreshing your home’s exterior can restore it’s appeal while retaining all the comforts of the home you’ve built and grown to love. New landscaping and other cosmetic changes can take […]

Considerations When Choosing Wood For Your Fence

brand new privacy fence

The right wood serves as the foundation for creating the fence most optimally suited to your needs. Considering fences are often the first line of defense for your home, it is especially important to make sure your fence is as sturdy as possible, while also adding to the aesthetic value of your home. The wrong […]

Wood Fence Design Ideas

seamless gate in fence

There’s a reason that a white picket fence is the symbol of a home to aspire to. Wood fencing offers homeowners a valuable sense of privacy, a way to dull noise from the street and neighbors, and a rustic or classic feel that is the perfect finishing touch for any backyard. Nowadays, though, homeowners can […]

How to Extend the Life of a Wood Fence

Beautiful custom horizontal wood fence next to a driveway

A fence marks the boundaries of what you call home. It encloses the space you and your family get to call your own, carving out a little piece of the world and protecting it from onlookers and intruders. It’s important to properly maintain your fence so that it can continue blocking out the worries of […]

How Can I Stop My Dog From Jumping Over the Fence?

Board on board fence in a residential backyard

Nothing is worse than spending money on a gorgeous fence to keep your dog in the yard, only to have your canine friend still manage to find ways to sneak through. They might have kept their jumping abilities concealed until you had already built your fence, and now you’re stuck with what has essentially become […]