How Can I Stop My Dog From Jumping Over the Fence?

Nothing is worse than spending money on a gorgeous fence to keep your dog in the yard, only to have your canine friend still manage to find ways to sneak through. They might have kept their jumping abilities concealed until you had already built your fence, and now you’re stuck with what has essentially become a costly hurdle for your dog. All is not lost, though. There are ways to avoid this before it becomes a problem, as well as ways to resolve it if it should arise. 

An L-Footer is a wired fence that is angled at a 90-degree angle at the bottom, forming the L-shape it is named for. Typically, the bottom of the L-footer is buried under the ground, which helps keep the fence stable.

If your dog starts  jumping the fence, you can actually use an L-footer in a novel way. For this nifty trick, you will need to turn the L-footer upside down. This creates a protective barrier that a dog will have trouble maneuvering through. One thing to keep in mind when using this method is to make sure the bottom of the L is pointing towards the house. Otherwise, you’ll just be creating a landing platform for your dog, rather than a lip to prevent them from bounding over.

Plants Trees or Shrubs Near Your Fence

Another similar solution is to plant taller foliage near your fence. This blocks the dog’s ability to get a good running start to clear the fence. It also helps create a more enriching environment, so that your dog will be less likely to want to leave the yard. 

Install a Privacy or Horizontal Fence

Often, dogs are lured over the fence by something they see on the other side. They might want to befriend another dog, give chase to a particularly enticing squirrel, or even try to hit the town with their favorite human as they see you leave for the day. Using privacy fencing or horizontal fencing to restrict their view will help prevent your dog from getting enticed by the outside world, limiting their incentive to try to hop the fence.

Rearrange Your Backyard

You’ll also want to make sure that you move or remove anything in your backyard your dog could use as a ramp, stairs, or step stool. Building a fence will do little good if there are things like garbage cans, lawnmowers, barrels, or even a woodpile laying around that they can use to boost their height enough that they can jump the fence. 

Create a More Enriching Environment for Your Dog

Finally, you can stop your dog from jumping your fence by simply making sure they never want to leave your yard. You can do this by making the environment in your yard as enriching as possible. You might create a scavenger hunt for your dog by hiding food and other treats around the space. Playing games with your dog, such as fetch or tug of war, will also help your yard seem like the most fun place to be. You can push this message even further by giving your dog toys, such as a rawhide bone or a Kong filled with peanut butter – definitely a favorite among our canine friends. 

The Fencing Specialists

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