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How to Remove Lichen From My Wooden Fence?

A beautiful wooden fence can help increase the aesthetic appeal and value of your home. It looks nice, helps keep pests out of your yard, and gives your family privacy. Lichen, a hybrid of moss and algae, can turn your gorgeous fence into a piece that looks like it should be sitting around a haunted house, not your home or business. Here are some tips on how to remove the Lichen.

Power Wash the Lichen Away

Lichen, while it isn’t dangerous to your wooden fence, definitely makes it look old and worn out. A good power washing treatment can help wash the lichen away. To avoid causing damage to your fence, always use the lowest setting and don’t point the spray directly on the fence. This can chip away at the wood or cause it to crack. Instead, point the nozzle at a slight angle. The angle of the spray will also help roll away the lichen. 

Power Washing Tips

It is best to start on the edges of the lichen patches and work your way towards the center. This will help roll the lichen away, lifting its tiny roots so it doesn’t return. The fallen lichen can be thrown away in the trash, or if you have a garden, it can be turned into compost. 

Scraping the Lichen Off the Fence Surface

You can also remove lichen by scraping it off. Using a sharp knife or scraper, spray warm water to wet the lichen, making it easier to remove. Once you have removed all visible traces of the lichen, use a stiff brush to go over the area one more time to avoid regrowth. 

How to Prevent Lichen From Growing

Lichen grows best in dark, moist conditions. To avoid lichen from growing on your fence, make sure it is free from areas that will encourage these conditions. Don’t place your fence in the path of run-off water from downspouts or sprinklers. Reposition sprinklers to avoid hitting your fence, and make sure it receives plenty of sunlight.

Decrease the amount of shade on your fence by trimming back large bushes, allowing more sunlight and airflow.

Finally, repainting and staining your fence every two to three years will ensure that your fence continues to look its best and increase its durability to moisture and inclement weather.

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