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Considerations When Choosing Wood For Your Fence

The right wood serves as the foundation for creating the fence most optimally suited to your needs. Considering fences are often the first line of defense for your home, it is especially important to make sure your fence is as sturdy as possible, while also adding to the aesthetic value of your home. The wrong choice could be costly, so here are the most important things to keep in mind when selecting wood for your fence. 

Local Weather

The amount of precipitation, range of high and low temperatures, and overall climate should all play into your choice. Different woods respond differently to rainy and dry weather. If you’re used to constant rain, you probably shouldn’t pick a wood that is easily degraded by water. Similarly, if it’s sunny and less rainy where you live, you probably shouldn’t pick a wood that gets brittle when dried out. 

Wood can expand and shrink in fluctuating temperatures, so if you’re in a place with blazing hot summers and numbingly cold winters, you’ll want to pick a wood that is resistant to expansion and shrinkage. Otherwise, the construction and integrity of your fence may be at risk. Factoring in weather conditions is essential when choosing a wood that thrives in your area. The proper choice will help prevent decay and ensure a longer lifespan for your fence.

Insect Vulnerability

Some types of wood are more enticing to insects than others, so it’s important to factor that into your choice. You will likely want to choose a wood that is naturally repellent to insects, decreasing the chances of your wood becoming their home and snack.


Sturdier woods are often more expensive, so some homeowners choose to compromise on hardiness and pass sturdier woods up in favor of less costly options. Something to keep in mind is sturdier woods last longer, require fewer repairs, and need less maintenance. This can actually save you money in the long run. Most less expensive woods can last anywhere from 10-30 years; studier woods often last over 30 years with the proper maintenance.

Popular Types of Wood

After considering what factors should influence your decision, it is also important to make yourself aware of your options so that you can pick the wood that best fits your needs. 

  • Pinewood
    • Relatively inexpensive and readily available
    • Has a good lifespan (10-15 years)
    • Does well in humid climates
    • Soft wood – easy to work with and shape
    • Flexible, resistant to shrinkage
  • Cedar
    • Very hardy, does not require much maintenance 
    • Natural insect-repellent properties
    • Gorgeous reddish tint
    • Lightweight
    • Perfect for dry climates
    • Has a fantastic lifespan of 20-25 years
  • Cypress
    • Beautiful honey-gold
    • Insect-resistant
    • Resistant to rot, excellent for wet areas
    • Can last up to 20 years with proper maintenance

A&O Texas Solutions Can Build Your Perfect Fence!

There’s a lot of information to consider when deciding what type of wood to use for your fence. Climate, weather patterns, insect populations, aesthetics, and purpose are important factors to keep in mind. Let the experts at A&O Texas Solutions help you build the perfect fence that will last as a beautiful boundary to protect your home. We will help design and install a wood fence that will make your home stand apart. Call us today!